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Please Note: no fancy words are used in these. I am an aspiring filmmaker, not a film critic!

Ah, this film! Where do I begin to explain my love for it? Besides from the fact that it beholds the beautifully sexy man that is Ryan Gosling, who is not only my heartthrob (or any girls for that matter) but is a really superb actor (And I say this because I have a collection of his films such as 'United States  of Leland' and 'Drive to Dream')! Okay so if I can drag myself away from Ryan, the actual film is something that is most definitely not short of a master-piece. The script is incredible, and there is one scene in particular that always springs to my mind, because the silence between the two character's is a perfect example for great script writing, "It is what they don't say that matters" - something my teacher once said. And even the first time I watched this scene I was thinking, "He is totally right," as well as being deeply moved inside.
Even beside the script and the acting, everything is perfect! The cinematography is sublime and completely captures the feel of a sort of '21st Century Noir' presence to the screen. Each shot is beautifully crafted and full of emotion and feeling. 
Now even aside from all of that there is one other I HAVE to mention! The soundtrack... I mean, holy mother!!! It's fucking breathtakingly awesome! I actually loved it so much that I went out and got it on Vinyl and on my iPod. It fits so well with this film and it's just... AH! You gotta watch it!

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