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Why "The Days i"?: Well my name is Daisy and many, many years ago the flower (The Daisy) was named "The Days Eye" another name for it was "Eye of Newt" but I didn't like that so much...

This blog I want to keep as an online journal, somewhere to share stories, ideas and photographs. I will also share creative work, handmade things and "How To's".
It is... 
for the Wonderer's: who happen to stumble upon this by chance
for the Dreamer's: who dream more than they are 'conscious'
for the Believer's: Go out and know that they CAN do anything.
For the Adventure Seeker's: who live life as it comes and love to explore this beautiful world.

Feel free to email me if you have a blog similar that I can check out or if you want to free advertise!

Cheers again,


About Daisy:
My one true happy place is being in the sea. I love surfing and the lifestyle around it. I try to do Yoga as much as possible (but always fail), and also ride my horse Picassa around the english countryside.
I will always be taking a photo whether it's on Instagram or on my camera - as I love capturing moments in time which I can look back with a smile.
I am to study BA(Hons) Film at Falmouth University, UK come september 2013.
I always loved telling stories and love writing, whether it's in a letter to a friend, pen and paper or on the laptop!
I come from a fairly artistic upbringing, always painted, drawn etc due to not only my parents being into the arts but I attended a Steiner School (who many call 'Hippy School') where creativity was always encouraged.
I love reading other peoples life tales and love admiring other's artworks, photo's etc.

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